1983-1984 Fellows

Alfredo Antillon: El Salvador

He is the Head of the Occupational Risk Prevention department in the Social Security Hospital of El Salvador. He is a co-founder of the National Commission of Occupational Health, and is currently a member of the Technical Commission for Disabled patients. His recent efforts have been directed toward developing the medical specialty of occupational health in El Salvador, where he is currently the only practicing professional with expertise across the entire spectrum of related sub fields: industrial security and hygiene, occupational medicine and biotechnology. Dr. Antillon earned an M.D degree from the National University of El Salvador in 1977, an Occupational Health License from the National University of Chile in 1979, where he was supported by a scholarship.

Manuel Chu: Peru

He is the Financial and Administrative Manager of Film S.A, and teaches courses in business administration at the University of Lima and the University of the Pacific, in Peru. He orients many of his activities toward providing technical assistance to community organizations involved in service activities, combining his interests in business, teaching and social concerns. Mr. Chu holds a B.A degree in Economics from the University of Lima (1977) and a Master of Business Administration degree from the University of the Pacific (1982). In 1981, he received a scholarship to the International Development Fellowship program, sponsored by The Partners of the Americas and the Kellogg Foundation, to further his study of business administration.

Asoka Colombage: Sri Lanka

He is the Assistant Director of the Information and Publicity Division, Ministry of Plan Implementation, and a member of the Indian Administrative Service of Sri Lanka. He has been involved in program production for the Sri Lanka Broadcasting Corporation, and currently coordinates communication development activities for his government. His particular interest is in the relation between growth and mass media systems and progress and change in social, political and economic systems. Mr. Colombage is also a writer and has published a novel and two anthologies of short stories, some of which have been translated and published internationally. He holds a B.A degree from the University of Ceylon (1967).

Eduard Dahlberg: Suriname

He recently served as Minisiter of Development and Adviser to the Ministry of Natural Resources and Energy and Director of the Geographical Survey. His responsibility has been to advise the Minister on subjects related to development and management of mineral resources. Dr. Dahlberg studied at the State University of Utrecht, The Netherlands, earning a B.Sc. degree in geology (1962), and M.Sc. degree in petrography (1966) and Ph.D. in petrography (1969). He has travelled internationally to attend conferences on the geosciences in his capacity as Deputy Director of the Geological and Mining Services of Suriname. During his fellowship year Dr. Dahlberg will assist the Minnesota Geological Survey with local mineral exploration.

Jose Flores: Guatemala

He is a psychiatrist working for the government of Guatemala in psychotherapy and counseling of mentally retarded children and their parents. He is a member of the committee that evaluates and admits special children to behavior modification and special education programs sponsored by his government. Dr. Flores holds a medical degree from San Carlos University (1970). He was awarded scholarship to study internal medicine and psychiatry at Paris University, where he received a Psychiatry Certificate in 1972. In 1978 he took an advanced degree in Psychology from Francisco Marroquin University, and in 1979 was given a scholarship by the International Union of Local Authorities, sponsored by the Dutch, German and British governments, for further study in the field.

Juan Guzman: Mexico

He is the Sub director of the North Rehabilitation Unit, the Mexican Social Security Institute and Chief of the Department of Cardiac Rehabilitation at the C.H 20 de Noviembre Hospital in Mexico City. His duties include supervising the electromyography unit at his hospital, training resident doctors in physiatry, and coordinating the educational efforts of his department. Dr. Guzman is also Secretary of the Mexican Society of Physical Rehabilitation Medicine. He holds a General Practitioner degree from the University of Veracruz Medical School (1971) and an M.D degree from the National University of Mexico (1979). He has travelled widely in South and Central America and in the U.S for educational and professional exchanges.

Clifford Kotey: Ghana

He is a Foreign Service Officer with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Ghana. His duties include analyzing political reports from overseas missions, advising the government on policy options, and providing liaison with technical departments and international agencies based in Ghana on matters relating policy formulation and objectives. Mr. Kotey holds a B.A (Honors) degree in Political Science (1977) and a Graduate Diploma in International Affairs (1980) both from the University of Ghana. He has travelled throughout East Africa as a representative of his government. Mr. Kotey is developing expertise in organizational modeling for policy analysis, especially in developing countries; and in microeconomic theory.

Nnyapule Madai: Tanzania

He is a Social Welfare Officer in the Ministry of Labor and Social Welfare, where he is involved especially with the rehabilitation of the disabled. He is the Executive Secretary of both the National Committee for the Disabled and the National Committee of the World Assembly on Aging. His recent activities have included undertaking a survey of rehabilitation facilities in Tanzania. Mr. Madai holds a Diploma in Social Work from the National Social Welfare Institute, Dar E Salaam (1976). In 1980 he was awarded the Joseph P. Kennedy fellowship in Mental Retardation and Public Policy, sponsored by the Joseph P. Kennedy Foundation, which enabled him to study for six months at Vanderbilt University in Nashville, Tennessee.

Donald Taylor: Sierra Leone

He is the Production Manager for the Sierra Leone Broadcasting Service, where he is responsible for features, documentaries, and programming focused on women and children in Sierra Leone. He has also been a news reader and commentator for SLBS. His particular interest is in mass media and development, and he is currently writing a manuscript, commissioned by the International Institute of Communication on Broadcasting in Sierra Leone. Mr. Taylor holds a B.A (Honors) degree in Communication Studies from Sheffield Polytechnic, U.K (1977) and M.Phil degree in Development Sociology and Mass Communication from Leeds University, U.K. (1980). He was among the first students to participate in a Communication Studies program in U.K.

Shirley Wan: Singapore

She is the Senior Registrar for the Training and Health Education Department of Singapore, where she is involved in health promotion and disease prevention services, and supervises the Information, Education and Communication Services Unit of Singapore Family Planning and Population Board. She directs community-based health education project in a local community of 4,000 residents; the results of this project will be published. Miss Wan is also a member of the Educational Committee of the Singapore Cancer Society. She holds an MBBS degree in Medicine (1974) and a M.Sc. in Public Health (1980), both from the National University of Singapore. Upon her return home Miss Wan will help carry out a five year health education plan (1983-87) which Singapore is undertaking.