1984-1985 Fellows

Antonio Cervantes: Philippines

Special Economic and Cultural Project Director for the PANAMIN Foundation of the Philippines

He serves as liaison and resource person between his ministry and the tribal groups which comprise a minority estimated at 6 million people. He has helped implement community and livelihood development projects for tribal communities, and he also oversees the PANAMIN museum system complex in the Philippines.

Mr. Cervantes holds a B.S. in Commerce degree from De La Salle College (1963) and completed graduate course work in Business Management at the Asian Institute of Management, both in the Philippines.

Ignacio Devesa: Mexico

Physician specializing in physical medicine and rehabilitation at the Mexican Social Security Institute (I.H.S.) in Mexico City, working particularly with electromyography and electro diagnostic procedures.

He is also a clinical instructor for postgraduate courses in his specialty. Dr. Devesa is active in the Medicine Society of the University of Mexico, and in the Mexican Society of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation, where he served as Acting Secretary during 1983-84. 

Dr. Devesa received his medical degree in 1978, and his post-graduate specialty certification in 1982, from the Autonomous National University of Mexico.

Dombolo-Zambi: Congo

Head- Information and Documentation Service at the Ministry of Information, Congo

His duties include collecting and recording information of all kinds for use within the Ministry. Mr. Dombolo-Zarmbi was formerly Deputy Chief Editor for Foreign Languages Programming for the National Congolese radio station and in 1981 he participated in a United Nations-sponsored fellowship program for journalists and broadcasters from developing countries. His primary interest is in the role of information in national development. 

Mr. Dombolo-Zambi holds a B.A. degree in English, with a major in Journalism, from Marien N' Gouabi University (formerly University of Brazzaville) (1977).

Hugo Figueroa: Guatemala

Technical Adviser to the Social Welfare Secretariat, Presidency of the Republic of Guatemala

His duties include institutional development, design and implementation of operational sub-systems, and strategic planning. As a public sector employee he has served on the National Planning Council, the MOH health planning unit, and is co-director of Guatemala's largest hospital. Dr. Figueroa has been a consultant to several health care organizations and agencies in Latin America. His primary concern for the future is to improve health care among Guatemala's indigenous groups.

Dr. Figueroa holds a Dental Degree from San Carlos University (1968) and a Master of Public Health degree from the Hebrew University (1972).

Paul Mbadinga-Matsiendi: Gabon

Deputy News Director for Gabon television and radio

His duties include writing, editing and reporting daily news, carrying out special assignments, and producing special reports on social and economic development problems in Gabon. His primary interests are in the role of communication in development, and in promoting awareness of traditional cultures in Gabon.

Mr. Mbadinga Matsiendi holds a License in Letters and Sociology (1977) and an Honors Degree in Journalism (1979), both from the University of Yaounde, Cameroon. He has studied under fellowships in Paris and Montreal, and has travelled widely throughout West and Central Africa on special assignments.

Amrita Mukherji: India 

Instructor in the Commercial Training College of Indian Airlines Corporation

She has been responsible for research and development of market potential, demand forecasting, flight scheduling and reservations, and now trains and develops commercial airline personnel. Mrs. Mukerji also is involved with the Council of India. She represented India at the IATA Composite Conference on international tariff policy formulation in Cannes, in 1977. 

Mrs. Mukerji holds a B.A. (Honors) degree in Economics from the University of Delhi (1974) and a Postgraduate Diploma in Business Administration from the Indian Institute of Management, Ahmedabad (1976).

Sylvester Nwulia: Nigeria

Deputy Secretary in the Ministry of Transport and Aviation, International Relations Division, Nigeria

His duties are licenses non -scheduled charters, and monitors policy implications of the International Air Transport Association (IATA). He also is involved with negotiation of international Bilateral Air Services Agreements. Before joining the Ministry of Transport, Mr. Nwulia held several other federal administrative posts. 

Mr. Nwulia holds a B.Sc. degree in Economics from the University of Ibadan (1972), and studied management at London's Royal Institute of Public Administration during 1975.

Lambolsolo Ramailimanitra: Madagascar

Hospital administrator for the Ministry of Health, Madagascar

He has reorganized health services and hospitals around the country to make them more effective in health care de livery. He is also manager of the Fenoaviro sanitariums, a former tuberculosis facility which is now a major metropolitan hospital. His primary concerns for the future are to improve health care delivery in Madagascar, and to expand training for health care professionals. 

Mr. Ramilimanitra holds diplomas in General Law (1971) and Public Administration (1972) from the University of Madagascar.

Mario Scicluna: Malta

Senior Occupational Therapist with the CGMO, Medical and Health Department at St. Luke's General Hospital and the HasSerh Hospital, in Malta

He treats patients with physical dysfunctions, especially head injuries, cerebral-vascular accidents, nerve injuries and sports injuries. He has a particular interest in expanding occupational therapy in Malta and in increasing public awareness of the therapist's role on the physical rehabilitation team. 

Mr. Scicluna holds an Intermediate Diploma in Biology from the Royal University of Malta (1965), and an Occupational Therapy Diploma from the London School of Occupational Therapy (1974).

Wasan Wongyai: Thailand 

Planning and policy analyst at the National Economic and Social Development Board, Office of the Prime Minister, Thailand

He is involved in social and economic planning for national development and policymaking organization in his country. Mr. Wongyai also is working with the Thai-Australian Village Water Supply Project in the northeastern provinces of Thailand, an effort to find practical measures to solve drinking water and sanitation problems throughout Thailand. 

Mr. Wongyai holds a B.A. degree in Political Science from Chiengmai University (1975), and an M.A. degree in Public Administration from Thammasat University (1979).