1988-1989 Fellows

Ammar N. Chilmeran: Iraq

Mr. Chilmeran is a training executive manager in the National Center of Consultancy and Management Development, an organization which conducts training programs, research and consultancy to enhance management skills and provides technical assistance to government agencies and some private sector organizations. He holds a Ph.D. from a British management institute, as well as a Bachelor's degree and an MBA from Iraqi institutions. He is specialized in training, management development and organizational development.

Neide S. Hahn: Brazil

Ms. Hahn is a sociologist employed with the Public Administration Development Foundation (Fund ad) an agency which provides policy analysis and research support for public sector projects in her country. She has represented her government at international meetings in France, the U.S., and Former Yugoslavia, principally in areas of enhancing technical cooperation between developing countries. She has BA and BS degrees in Sociology, as well as an M. Sc in Sociology of Science from the University of Sao Paulo and has been a manager of public projects for the last five years.

S.K Suresh Kumar: India

Mr. Suresh Kumar is a Deputy Manager (marketing) with the Computer Systems Division of the Kerala State Electronics Development Corporation. Mr. Kumar has been actively involved in implementing a number of new project proposals and in technical collaborations with trans-national corporations for development of electronics industry in the State of Kerala. He holds B.Sc degree (1978) in electronics engineering from the University of Kerala and an MBA (1985) from the Indian institute of Management (Ahmedabad).

Michel Georges Pomernac: Brazil

Mr. Pomernac is an electronics engineer, specializing in the area of telecommunications. Currently, he is the service center manager of the Sao Paulo State Telecommunications Company, and thus responsible for commercial services, operations and maintenance for greater metropolitan Sao Paulo. He received his engineering degree in 1969, had a specialization in telecommunications in Italy in 1971-1972 and since then has taken several courses in the administration and management areas.

Nadim Shejban: Israel

Mr. Shejban is a social worker with a BA and work in process towards an MA from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, School of Social Work His current position is Director of the Social Welfare Office for East Jerusalem, dealing mainly with the Arab community of that area.

Pamdou S. Tambedou: Gambia

He serves as Senior Assistant, Hospital Secretary in the Department of Medical Services. He holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Health Services Administration from Florida International University in Miami (1980), and also Associate of Arts degree from Miami Dude Community College (1977), and a Hospital Administration Certificate from I.P.A (Dublin) (1985).

Elpida Tzouriadou: Greece

She is an architectural engineer who specializes in hospital facility planning. Her professional training was in Greece, with post-graduate specialization in health facilities planning at the Medical Architecture Research Unit in London. She has been working for sixteen years as Senior Architect for the Division of Technical Services of the Ministry o( Health, Social Welfare and Insurance of Greece, which is a central office for planning all health and social welfare buildings of Greece.

Parmaseevan Veeraragoo: Mauritius

He is a hospital administrator, working in a large public hospital of the Ministry of Health. His higher education was accomplished in London (Polytechnics of South Bank and North London). He has participated in many international training courses, and has also served as trainer in the field; he has a special interest in educational and professional opportunities in the manpower development area, a critical issue in his homeland.

Li Zude: China

He is an engineer whose work has been in chemical and plastics industries in his country; his current employment is in the Shanghai Engineering Plastics and Chemical Company and the Shanghai General Electric Plastics Service Center. Previously he worked for the central government in Beijing. This industry is one targeted by the People's Republic for expansion. Mr. Li graduated from East China Chemical University in 1967 and is studying management and chemical engineering in his Humphrey year.