1990-1991 Fellows

Safayou Bah: Guinea

He is the Chief of the occupational health and safety division of his country's new Ministry of Employment and Social Affairs. He coordinates the drafting and implementation of health and safety regulations for both business and government organizations. Trained in chemical engineering and management, he wants to study U.S systems for monitoring and improving health and safety conditions in the workplace. He is especially interested in prevention programs and the use of computers on occupational health and safety.

Jean-Pierre Boussougou: Gabon

He supervises the department in charge of underground piping and lines for his country's power and Water Company. An electrical engineer, he would like to learn more about natural resource management, energy conservation, water and waste treatment, solar cell production, and public administration during his fellowship year. While obtaining his engineering degree on France, Mr. Boussougou worked on the development of a solar power station.

Raul Colque: Bolivia

He has helped manage the rehabilitation of the national tin mining and metallurgical industry. A metallurgical engineer, he is assistant to the executive president of the National Smelting Company and has helped plan iron and steel projects. During his fellowship year, he wants to study management and economics and learn more about U.S metallurgical companies.

Matar Diop: Senegal

He is a member of the Senegal Supreme Court and has special responsibility for commercial and financial litigation. He holds degrees from the National School of Law and Administration, University of Dakar and was a trial judge in a regional court. He has done research on human rights and development in Africa for the U.N Human Rights Centre in Geneva. As a Humphrey Fellows he hopes to learn more about financial management and accounting, especially on banks and insurance companies.

Carlos Figueiredo: Brazil

He is a planning adviser and head of information and computer sciences in the Companian Brasileira de Trens Urbanos (Brazilian Urban Train Company) in Recife. A civil engineer, he has done postgraduate study in transportation engineering in Brazil and West Germany. He has been a consultant for the firm TUV Rheinland in Cologne and has taught a course on the application of information systems technology to human resource management. As a Humphrey fellow he will focus on policy analysis, and management of public and non-profit organizations.

Daouda Gayakoye: Niger

He is a law consultant for the government mining industry. He examines the requests for partnerships between his government and foreign companies and has helped establish joint ventures with Canada, Japan and Kuwait. A lawyer trained at the University of Abidjan, he is interested in studying management, economics, marketing, decision making, public relations and negotiation techniques during his year as a Humphrey fellows.

Chang Hee Kang (Moon): Korea

She is a head nurse at Seoul National University Hospital, where her responsibilities include delivery of nursing services, staff development, and nursing education. She holds a bachelor's and master's degrees in nursing and has developed special counseling program for families of children who have cancer. As a Humphrey Fellow, Ms. Kang will focus on nursing administration; including hospital-based home care and oncology nursing.

Zeljiko Metelko: Yugoslavia

He is a physician specializing in the diagnosis and treatment of diabetes mellitus. As head of the Diabetology Department at Vuk Vrhovac Institute in Zagreb, he supervises the diabetes health care network of Croatia and is especially interested in computer models for cost-benefit of health care strategies. He received his medical and postgraduate degrees from the University of Zagreb and is part of an international group promoting standard registries' for diabetes and other chronic diseases. As a Humphrey fellow, Dr. Metelko is interested in studying health care models and computer systems for organizing and evaluating health care systems.

Sylvanus Mipwa: Tanzania

He is the general manager of the Williamson diamond mining company, owned jointly by the government and outside concerns. Trained as a mining engineer at the Imperial College of Science and Technology in London, he has held a number of research and management positions in the Tanzanian gold and diamond industry. As a chief executive of his company, he also oversees services for the company township Mwadui, comprising of 15,000 people. He has worked in the Commonwealth Secretariat in London as a mining consultant to the Southern African Development Coordination Conference, serves on the board of several companies, and is party secretary of Chama Cha Mapinduzi in Mwadui. As a Humphrey Fellow, he hopes to learn more about executive decision making in public enterprises, financial management, corporate planning, and budgeting.

Jane Mwnagi: Kenya

She is a research and development manager and company pharmacist for her country's largest pharmaceutical company. She enforces Kenyan laws governing manufacture and sale of pharmaceuticals and helps train pharmacists for Kenya and other countries. Formerly, head of pharmaceutical services at Kenyatta National Hospital, she holds bachelor's and master's degrees in pharmacy. During her stay in Minnesota, she hopes to learn about the design and development of pharmaceutical products, about food and drug laws, and about pollution control for pharmaceutical manufacturing.

Philip Nicolaides: Cyprus

He is the head of the Finance Department of the Hellenic Bank Ltd. He obtained a bachelor's degree in economics and did post-graduate work in monetary theory at the University of Salonica. A former official of the Cyprus Union of Bank Employees, he chairs the editorial committee of the union's monthly magazine. He has written numerous articles on political, economic and social issues for newspapers and periodicals in Greece and Cyprus. As a Humphrey fellow, he will focus on planning, management, organizational behavior, organizational design and decision making.

Tosho Stoev: Bulgaria

He coordinates research into new technology, materials and equipment for a large garment manufacturer. A mechanical engineer, he has introduced numerous innovations in the Bulgarian knitting industry and in the last few years helped design projects for knitting and spinning mills in Bulgaria, Mongolia, and Mozambique. As a Humphrey fellow, he is interested in the management of his company under free-market conditions. He will study management, planning, macroeconomics and marketing.