1993-1994 Fellows

Oscar Alfredo Aliaga: Peru

Lawyer and executive director of the Peru Solidarity Forum Project

He is a lawyer and executive director of the Peru Solidarity Forum Project, sponsored by the Catholic Diocese of Jefferson City. The forum promotes human rights and social development. His law degree is from the Catholic University of Peru (Lima). During the Fellowship Year, he will focus on public administration, public policy and development planning.

Sheela Rani Chunkath: India

Administrative Service, joint Managing Director of the Tamil Nadu Civil Services Corporation

She has worked in various capacities in government and is presently the joint Managing Director of the Tamil Nadu Civil Services Corporation. She was the District Magistrate of Madras and Padukottai. As District Magistrate of Pudukottai she made headlines in the press through success of her literacy programs. Around 200,000 people were made literate in a massive program involving 25,000 volunteers. This pioneering effort has been acclaimed as a success story in the field of women's employment. She was given the "Woman of the year" award for Education by the International Woman's Association. She has produced videos on literacy and gender issues. She regularly appears on television and contributes articles and stories to national news papers in India. She has a master's degree in Economics from Madras University. Ms. Chunkath's focus as a Humphrey fellow will be on human resource management, leadership roles for women, gender issues and employment in the private sectors of agro-business and tourism.

Courtney Daye: Jamaica

Resident magistrate for the Ministry of Justice

As magistrate working in a rural district, he handles both criminal and civil cases and also administration of the local court. He has bachelors of law degree from the University of West Indies. As a Humphrey fellow, he will study administration of U.S courts.

Judith Derandamie: Suriname

Director of the Suriname telecommunications company, Telesur

As the Director, she is in a unique position to strengthen the management of Telesur and influence other industries in Suriname. She has conducted research on unemployment and the training of senior managers in industry. She earned a doctorate in sociology from the National University of Suriname. During the fellowship year, she plans to concentrate on project management and analysis, and management information systems in telecommunications.

Rufaro Z Gwanzura: Zimbabwe

Computer service manager for the Grain Marketing Board of Zimbabwe

He is responsible for coordinating information processing for the Board, and developing and implementing Information Technology policy. He has a diploma in computing, finance and business studies from the University of Zimbabwe. Mr. Gwanzura was awarded a scholarship by Carl Dulsberg Gessellschaft (Federal Government of Germany) in 1980 to study computer technology from 1980 to 1984 and obtained a higher National Diploma in Computer Technology from the Computer Institute in Muenchen. Mr. Gwanzura has plans to study for M.B.A at the University of Zimbabwe on his return. While in the U.S, he will specialize in management information systems and the U.S grain markets.

Habte Hagos Selassie: Ethiopia

Senior lecturer in the Department of Management and Public Administration

He is a senior lecturer in the Department of Management and Public Administration at Addis Ababa University. He has taught and done research in management over ten years and has been a consultant to various government and non-government organizations. He holds an MBA from RVB Research Institute for management science in the Netherlands and a B.A from Addis Ababa University in Ethiopia. As a Humphrey Fellow, he will focus on human resources and development in the areas of strategic management and entrepreneurship.

Eugeniusz Jedrysik: Poland

Laboratory manager in the Central Mining Institute in Katowice, Silesia

As head of the department of coal processing, he manages to applied research related to environmental protection and the development of the Polish mining industry. In addition, he is the co-author of scholarly articles and manager of projects that aim to alleviate ecological problems in the Upper Silesia basin. He has a master's in chemical engineering from the Technical University of Silesia in Gilwice and a diploma in business from the Katowice School of Managers. During his year as a Humphrey fellow, he will emphasize environmental protection, protection of coal bed methane, and transport and resource management.

Prasong Kunajiraporn: Thailand

Chief judge in the national Ministry of Justice

A specialist in civil and bankruptcy cases, he solves court administration problems. He is a former provincial judge and has a law degree from Chulalongkorn University in Thailand. While in the United States, he will study court administration and probation systems.

Taeksoo Lee: Republic of Korea

Deputy director for the Korean Industrial Property Officedeputy director for the Korean Industrial Property Office

His main responsibility is overseeing the Korean system of protecting inventions and trade secrets. A former deputy director of the electronics and electric industry bureau in the Ministry of Trade and Industry, he holds a Master's in electronic communication engineering from Hanyang University in Seoul. As a Humphrey fellow, he will study patent and trademark law, trade secret acts, and methods of resolving conflicts over patents.

Festus Onwuma Okoye: Nigeria

Name partner in the law firm Akika, Abashi, Okoye and Mann in Kaduna

He specializes in litigation and coordinates the firm's human/civil rights litigation practice for Northern Nigeria. He has been active for several years in the Nigerian Bar Association and the Civil Liberties Organization, holding various positions of increasing responsibility in both organizations. As a Humphrey fellow, he will concentrate on human rights law and practice.

Daniel Robert: Costa Rica

Deputy General Manager of La Nacion

He is the Deputy General Manager of La Nacion, Costa Rica's leading newspaper, and the parent company of another daily newspaper and four magazines. He has an MBA from the Central American Institute of Business Administration and a bachelor's degree in agricultural engineering from the University of Costa Rica. He plans to concentrate on media management and strategic management during his year as a Humphrey fellow.

Wojciech Smolka: Poland

Heads a department in the Institute of Chemical Processing of Coal

His job includes research and development of technologies for ecologically safe and energy efficient methods of using coal. He has earned a Master's degree in chemical engineering from Silesian Technical University in Gliwice, Poland. As a Humphrey fellow, he would like to focus on research methods, commercial enterprise planning, cost analysis, and methods of pollution reduction.

Andre Corsino Tolentino: Cape Verde

Diplomat and a member of the executive board of UNESCO

He is a former deputy minister of foreign affairs, minister of foreign education and culture and ambassador of Portugal, Spain, France and Italy. He holds a degree in public administration and management. During his fellowship year, he will focus on public administration, management and planning.

Hari Bansh Tripathi: Nepal

District Judge for the Supreme Court of Nepal

His duties involve trial and timely disposal of criminal and civil cases and implementation of court verdicts. He has written numerous articles in Law Journal and literary magazines, including a book on criminology. He is working on his PhD at Tribhuvan University in Nepal and has degrees in law, English and Political Science. He started his career as a Lecturer in English. He joined the judicial service in 1980 as Public Prosecutor and has been a judge for 11 years. As a Humphrey fellow, Mr. Tripathi's focus will be on the study of judicial process, court management and American perspective of Human Rights.

Ligia Valcu: Romania

Judge at the Brasov Judiciary in Romania

She adjudicates a wide variety of criminal and civil cases and lectures to young people on the role of judges and relationship between the Rumanian judge and prosecutors. She holds a law degree from the University of Bucharest. As a Humphrey fellow, she will concentrate on criminal procedures and human rights in criminal cases.