1995-1996 Fellows

Tahsin Erugruloglu: North Cyprus

He has a Political Science degree from the University of Arizona, Tucson. He served as career diplomat in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Defense of North Cyprus before being appointed as the Under-Secretary to the Prime Minister (1991-94). He is currently consultant to the Presidential Council of the Parliament in North Cyprus on matters concerning foreign affairs and more specifically the Cyprus conflict. As a Humphrey Fellow, he will focus on policy making, public administration and public administration.

Patricia Saleh Fikirini: Tanzania

She is a lawyer and a key figure in the High Court of Tanzania's efforts to reorganize the court system to make it more responsive to citizens needs. As a Humphrey Fellow, she will focus on alternative dispute resolution techniques, public policy analysis and public administration.

Michael Achankeng Fonkem: Cameroon

He is a Senior Translator and Head of the Translation Service at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. He is also Chairperson of the Association for Nonviolence, a private organization, and is actively building a network of relationships with persons, institutions, and organizations involved in search for a just peace, democratization, human rights and international exchange programs. Mr. Fonken holds a Bachelor degree with First Class Honors (Languages) and a Master's degree in Translation. As a Humphrey Fellow, he will focus on conflict resolution and mediation, leadership, public affairs and policy making.

Dan Akiiki-Kiiza: Uganda

He holds a Bachelor of Law degree. He works as a Registrar/Inspector of courts in the Ugandan judiciary. Rebuilding the justice system in Uganda is crucial to the country's rehabilitation of its institutions. Mr. Kiiza is responsible for ensuring that proper administration and professional procedures are adhered to and observed in that process. As a Humphrey Fellow, he will focus on public administration, the judicial process and court management.

Nisreen S. Mazahreh: Jordan

She is an agricultural engineer and is with the Ministry of Supply where she has a leadership position as an economic analyst in the grain commodity market. This position requires important decisions on opening tenders when purchasing large amounts of essential commodities for the Jordanian Government. As a Humphrey Fellow, her interests lie in areas related to the International Commodity Exchange.

Mustafa Abdelaaziz Mohamed: Sudan

He majored in Political Science and has a Master's in Public Policy from the Institute of Social Studies (ISS), The Hague, Netherlands. Mr. Mohamed plays a central role in developing the capacities of public policy makers in his country. He designs and administrates training programs in the field of public policy. As a Humphrey Fellow, he will study public policy development and analysis and enhance his management skills.

Alioune Idrissa Ndiaye: Senegal

He is the Secretary General and Acting President of the Senegalese Bar Association. He is a private lawyer who has worked for many years in several areas, both civil and criminal. As a member of the Professional Council of the Bar, he participates in all discussions related to legal and judicial affairs along with government officials. As a Humphrey Fellow, he seeks to understand the general structure of the American Legal system at various levels.

Jurandyr B. Passos: Brazil

He is a graduate journalist and the publicity advisor of FUNDAP, a Sao Paulo State Public Administration consulting, training and development foundation. Mr. Passos is responsible for FUNDAP's public relations and outreach activities. He is interested in communication research, design and evaluation to promote effective social change. He is also concerned with fund raising as a means of strengthening communities' freedom and power.

Dan Petrescu: Romania

He has a degree in geology and further studies in management. Mr. Petrescu is an Assistant Project Manager with the International Foundation for Electoral Systems project in Romania; a U.S based a public policy organization. He was previously a political party executive officer, providing him with key experience in these relevant fields. His interest as a Humphrey Fellow is in the development of public policy in non-governmental organizations.

Muhammad Maududur Rashid Safdar: Bangladesh

He holds a B.A (Honors) and MA degrees in Public Administration. Mr. Safdar is a member of the Bangladesh Civil Service Administrative Cadre and is currently working as a Senior Assistant Secretary in the Ministry of Establishment-the central personnel agency of Bangladesh. This position initiates the decision-making process and policy planning for the government. As a Humphrey Fellow, Mr. Safdar's interests are in administrative restructuring for decision making and policy analysis for public sector reforms.

Loice Sibanda: Zimbabwe

She has a Bachelor's degree in Liberal Arts and works as a senior officer advising Parliamentarians on procedure in the assembly and in other administrative functions of the Parliament. Ms. Sibanda's goals are to handle and reduce bureaucracy in the Public Service, as well as becoming more effective advisor to Parliamentarians. Ms. Sibanda is also interested in issues of gender. During her Humphrey Fellowship year, she would gain further knowledge about policy analysis, public administration and human resources management.

Nene Traore: Mali

Ms. Traore is an economist and holds the position of Deputy Director General of CEFIB (Studies and Computer Training Centre). Mali is strengthening its private sector and moving to a free market economy. Ms. Traore sees the needs to train existing business institutions and encourage the new ones. She is one of the ten owners of a training centre for business people called ACFORSA (Action Formation Entrepreneurship). She will use her Humphrey Fellowship year to enhance her knowledge in business management, entrepreneurship and human resources management.