1998-1999 Fellows

Tan Xuan Nguyen: Vietnam

Legal Aid Defender, Can Tho Provincial Justice Department

Mr. Nguyen works in the pilot Legal Aid program in Vietnam. During the Fellowship year, he will broaden his understanding of Legal Aid programs in the United States. By studying U.S Legal Aid and Public Defender Services, Mr. Nguyen will be able to contribute substantially to the growing Legal Aid program in Vietnam. 

He holds a degree in English from Can Tho University and a law degree from Hanoi Law College.

Cristina de Freitas Cirenza: Brazil

State Attorney, State Judicial Assistance

Prison policy and human rights are central concerns to Ms. Cirenza, who once successfully mediated a 550-inmate prison riot. This year she will study U.S prison system, focusing on alternative sentencing methods and the privatization of prisons. She plans to use her Fellowship training to develop new approaches to the increasingly urgent problem of criminal justice in Brazil. 

Ms. Cirenza holds a law degree from the Pontificia Universidade Catolica and masters degree from the Universidade de Sao Paulo.

Paulo Castro: Brazil

Senior Project Engineer, Sao Francisco Hydroelectric Company

Mr. Castro is an engineer at Sao Francisco Hydroelectric Company in Northeast Brazil. His focus as a Humphrey Fellow will be energy conservation policy and the enhancement of his leadership and administrative skills. 

Mr. Castro holds a degree from the Universidade Federal De Pernambuco, and a degree in business administration and Financial Administration from the Universidade de Pernambuco.

James Mwanje: Uganda

Senior Superintendent, Uganda Government, Prison Services

Mr. Mwanje heads the personnel department of the Uganda Prison Services. His Fellowship year will focus on public policy formation and the principles of modern management as applied to prison systems. By examining U.S approaches to prison management, Mr. Mwanje will begin to formulate solutions to parallel Ugandan problems, including prison crowding, drug abuse and inmate violence.

Mr. Mwanje holds a bachelors and master's degree from Makerere University of Kampala.

Christina Fomenky: Cameroon

Senior State Counsel, High Court Meme and Court of First Instance, Kumba Magistrate, Ministry of Justice, Yaounde, Cameroon

Ms. Fomenky's major interest is in human rights law for women and girls. During her Fellowship year she intends to gain theoretical and practical experience with human rights advocacy and education. Upon her return home, she hopes to se develop programs for monitoring and redressing human rights violations and strengthening Cameroon's commitment to human rights. 

Ms. Fomenky holds a law degree from the University of Yaounde and a post graduate diplomacy in Magistracy from ENAM, Yaounde.

Maurice Djan Kouadio: Cote d'Ivoire

Technical Advisor, General Secretary of the Ivorian Government

Mr. Kouadio established the Opportunities Industrialization Centre of Cote d' Ivoire which has provided job training for young Ivorians. During his Fellowship year Mr. Kouadio will study community development, savings and credit union systems, and gender communications. When Mr. Kouadio return to Cote d' Ivoire, he hopes to establish an economic self-help organization for women. He is a graduate of the University of Paris and the Paris Conservatoire.

Mirna J. Amiama Nielsen: Dominican Republic 

Dean of Law School, APEC University
Deputy Director, Centre for Research and Studies of Business Law

Ms. Amiama is a National Consultant to the Dominican Government in Trade Services amd Competition Policies. She has participated in the drafting of various laws, from anti-trust to consumer protection, and in the creation of the government agency for such legislation. Ms. Amiama will focus on practical and formal training in Law and Economics, with an emphasis on competition policy, international trade and economic reform in developing countries. 

Ms. Amiama holds a law degree from Univeridad Nacional Pedro Henriquez Urena.

Ivan Uy: Philippines

Director of Management Information System, Supreme Court of Philippines

Mr. Uy has been responsible for computerizing the Philippine Courts. As a Humphery Fellow, he will study technology and its relationship to law. Upon returning to the Philippines, Mr. Uy will continue his role in diffusing and applying new information technologies to the Philippine Judiciary and additionally will contribute to the formation of his country's science and technology policy. 

Mr. Uy graduated from the Areneo de Manila and holds a law degree from the University of Philippines. He holds the Court Technology chair with the Philippine Judicial Academy and is a technical committee member of the National Crime Information System in the Philippines.

Bassam Nasser: Palestine National Authority Area

Project Coordinator, National Democratic Institute of International Affairs (NDI)

As a Humphrey Fellow, Mr. Nasser will study the theoretical and practical principles of human and civil rights in the United States. He would like to develop skills in the legislative process in the field of human rights. Currently Mr. Nasser works as a coordinator and trainer for an advocacy program, and in the past has worked as a moderator and coordinator of a Civic Education Program. On returning home, Mr. Nasser will continue to work for social democracy in PNAA. 

He holds a B.A in Sociology from An Najah National University.

Reuben N. Nyakundi: Kenya

Principal Magistrate, Judiciary of Kenya

Mr. Nyakundi holds LLB degree from the University of Nairobi and a diploma in Legal Education from the Kenya School of Law. He also received a certificate on refugee law from Oxford University. Mr. Nyakundi is the only judicial authority on refugee law in the North Eastern Province which hosts a number of refugee camps. His major interests are International Human Rights Law of Kenya and Court Management Systems. Mr. Nyakundi hopes that he will develop the skills necessary to improve judicial education and ensure the enforcement of human rights by the Kenyan court system upon his return.

Dana Saroop Seetahal: Trinidad and Tobago

Professor and Course Director, The Council of Legal Education, Hugh Wooding Law School

Ms. Seethal's legal interests are criminal procedure, evidence and criminal justice. She will study the U.S justice system in her fellowship year, especially jury selection, witness protection and plea bargaining. She hopes to apply het Humphrey experience to further develop the criminal justice systems of the Caribbean region.

Ms. Seethal holds a Bachelor Degree of Law from the University of West Indies, a professional law certificate from Hugh Wooding Law School, and an MSc in Criminology for Ohio State University.

Hellen Owino: Kenya

Principal Magistrate, Judicial Service Commission

Ms. Owino's time as a Humphrey fellow will focus on the theoretical and practical aspects of the human rights law, emphasizing the rights of women and children, especially in the court system. Upon returning from Kenya, Ms Owino hopes to establish a family court system and to use her new skills to better manage the Kenyan Courts. She is a graduate of the Kenyan School of Law and the University of Nairobi.