2020-2021 Fellows

Hubert H. Humphrey International Fellows


Dounia Benslimane: Morocco

Area of Study: Law and Human Rights

Ms. Dounia Benslimane currently works as an independent culture consultant in Casablanca, Morocco. Prior to this role, she was a founder and served first as the Executive Director and then as the Head of Partnership and Development for Racines Association, a non-profit that aimed to boost development and democracy through culture and cultural programming. The organization was dissolved by the Moroccan government because of its work to promote democracy. A trained medical professional, Ms. Benslimane has committed her career to development and democracy-building and plans to use her time as a Humphrey Fellow to improve her capacity and skills in this area. She hopes to engage with professionals in the human rights field, and learn innovative and unconventional models for advocating for human rights and social justice. Alongside her many years of professional experience, Ms. Benslimane holds a medical degree from Hassan II University of Casablanca, and an associate degree in Cultural Project Management from Marcel Hicter Association in Brussels, Belgium.


Danish Ali Bhutto: Pakistan

Area of Study: Law and Human Rights

Mr. Danish Ali Bhutto has worked at the Parliament of Pakistan for over 7 years on parliamentary research, speech writing, program management and human rights. During that time, he has provided research and speech writing services to the office of the Speaker, National Assembly of Pakistan, and Women Parliamentary Caucus, where his work on gender-sensitive and rights issues resulted in national policy. In his current role as, he manages the Project Management Unit and Youth Civic Engagement Program of the National Assembly of Pakistan. Mr. Bhutto is also a member of the Editorial Advisory Board of The Parliamentarian, The Commonwealth Parliamentary Association’s quarterly journal of parliaments. Mr. Bhutto holds an MBA from Sukkur IBA University and a bachelor’s degree in Computer Science. He also studied Advanced Policy and Leadership at the University of Cambridge’s Moller Center in 2018. Mr. Bhutto plans to improve his advocacy, research, and human rights knowledge and skills with a view to use them to achieve better policy results for women and youth issues in Pakistan.


Kayanna Monicia Burke: Saint Vincent & the Grenadines

Area of Study: Public Policy Analysis and Public Administration

Ms. Kayanna Burke holds a bachelor’s degree in Economics from the University of the West Indies in Barbados. She currently works as an Establishment Officer in the Policy, Planning, and Administration Division of the Ministry of Finance of St. Vincent & the Grenadines. In this role, Ms. Burke is responsible for researching and reporting on all aspects of public finance, policy and strategic planning, human resource development and good governance, with special emphasis on personal expenditure policy. She plans to build her knowledge in the area of public finance management, public expenditure and budgeting during her fellowship year. Post fellowship, Ms. Burke plans to leverage her knowledge and skills in these areas to help the ministry effectively implement policies to achieve its goal of ensuring economic development and security.


Amedeea-Viorica Enache: Romania

Area of Study: Economic Development

Ms. Amedeea Enache holds a Bachelor’s degree in Economics from the Bucharest Academy of Economic Studies, and two master’s degrees in Cybernetic, Statistics and Economic Informatics, and Anthropology from the Bucharest Academy of Economic Studies and the National University of Political Studies and Public Administration, respectively. She currently serves as the Executive Director of Estuar Foundation, an NGO that provides social and advocacy services to adults with mental health disabilities. During her Fellowship period, Ms. Enache plans to engage with organizations working toward full social and economic inclusion of persons with disabilities. She hopes to learn innovative mechanisms and models to deliver social services to persons with mental health disabilities in Romania.


Maria Fernanda Hernandez: Venezuela

Area of Study: Public Policy Analysis and Public Administration

Ms. María Hernández holds a bachelor’s degree in International Relations from Universidad Central de Venezuela and a certificate in Impact Evaluation of Public Policies and Programs from Universidad Católica de Chile. As one of many people who needed to flee the country, she moved to Chile, where has been leading projects in a social enterprise to build capacity, and to offer parenting support services at the national and local government level.

During her fellowship year, Ms. Hernández wants to learn more about economics, population, public policy, strategic communication, project and data management. She plans to use this knowledge to decrease the violence epidemic in Venezuela, which has one of the highest crime rates in the world. Ms. Hernández is passionate about the Global and Social Policy fields, with special emphasis in primary violence prevention, and its intersection with gender and children/adolescent development. She has also volunteered with organizations that work in underserved communities to foster social cohesion. She hopes to be an agent of change and contribute to democracy building in Venezuela.


Nadiia Iusupova: Kyrgyzstan

Area of Study: Economic Development

Ms. Nadiia Iusupova works at the Office of the President of the Kyrgyz Republic. She works in various areas and on various issues, including multilateral cooperation, peacebuilding, international relations, and human rights. Ms. Iusupova’s goal is to incorporate a human rights approach to policy making in Kyrgyzstan. Specifically, she wants to promote minority rights, ensure religious tolerance, interfaith dialogue, multicultural education, gender issues, and build principles of a common civil identity in Kyrgyzstan. During her Fellowship, Ms. Iusupova plans to learn more about policy analysis, human rights, and best practices for building civic engagement and national unity. She holds bachelor’s degrees in Management from Higher College, and Economy and Agrarian Production Management from Kyrgyz Agrarian Academy. Ms. Iusupova also holds a master’s degree in Political Science from Kobe University in Japan.


Mushtaq Malla: India

Area of Study: Law and Human Rights

Mr. Mushtaq Malla holds a master’s degree in Social Work and a bachelor’s degree in Science from the University of Kashmir. Originally from Kashmir, Mr. Malla currently works as Superintendent with the Jammu and Kashmir Department of Prisons. In this capacity, he is responsible for the overall management of the prison, including discipline, security, protection of rights, rehabilitation, and reintegration. Prior to his work with the prison, Mr. Malla worked for many years in the areas of child protection and mental health counseling with organizations like Doctors Without Borders, National Commission for Protection of Child Rights, and Action Aid – India. As a Humphrey Fellow, he plans to gain more theoretical knowledge about human rights, as well as practical knowledge about the protection of prisoner’s rights, rehabilitation, and reintegration. Since Mr. Malla works primarily with young offenders, he plans to focus his time on learning about ways to address issues specific to that population, and models to rehabilitate them.


Maria Sol Purita: Argentina

Area of Study: Public Policy Analysis and Public Administration

Ms. Sol Purita is the Legal Secretary at the National Attorney General’s Office in Buenos Aires. She is the youngest person to occupy this position and is currently responsible for coordinating the upcoming implementation of a new legal system established by the country’s most recent Criminal Procedure Code. Ms. Purita is tasked with coordinating the activities of various offices and actors in the justice administration system to transition from an inquisitorial legal system to an accusatorial one. During her time in the United States, she plans to interact with counterpart offices in the United States to learn about the management of criminal litigation and the different pillars of the criminal justice system. Ms. Purita also plans to learn more about how the various levels of the criminal justice system work and interact with each other in a federal system. Ultimately, she hopes that what she learns during the Fellowship year will equip her with the expertise to formulate policies to effectively implement her country’s new criminal code and build a fair and equitable criminal justice system. Ms. Purita holds a bachelor’s degree in Political Science from Universidad Catolica Argentina, and a Law degree from Universidad Argentina de la Empresa.


Jeza Mae Sarah Sanchez: Philippines

Area of Study: Public Policy Analysis and Public Administration

Ms. Jeza Sanchez holds a bachelor's degree in Chemistry from Ateneo de Davao University, and a law degree from Xavier University, in the Philippines. She currently heads the Regional Legal Service and the Program Development Divisions of the Bureau of Jail Management and Penology in Northern Mindanao. Ms. Sanchez also leads a project with a 30-man team that aims to explore and use data analytics to optimize jail operations, and eventually address jail overcrowding by improving the access of Persons Deprived of Liberty (PDL) to justice and legal remedies. She hopes to gain additional knowledge and field experience in government innovation and policy experimentation through data management so she may effectively develop her pilot program on jail data analytics. Ms. Sanchez believes these will equip her as she works towards the betterment of the administration of the criminal justice system in her country.


Boban Stojanoski: North Macedonia

Area of Study: Public Policy Analysis and Public Administration

Mr. Boban Stojanoski is a policy maker in the Ministry of Finance in North Macedonia. He is responsible for creating policies in the financial system area, including drafting legislation to regulate the country’s accounting, auditing, and payment services and systems. He holds a Bachelor’s degree in Finance and Banking Management from FON University and a Master’s degree in Accounting and Auditing from Sts. Cyril and Methodius University, both in Skopje. As a Humphrey Fellow, Mr. Stojanoski’s goal is to gain more knowledge in the field of public policy analysis, including methodologies and models to formulate and implement innovative policies that effectively address the most challenging issues in society. In addition to his work with the Ministry of Finance, Mr. Stojanoski founded a non- governmental organization whose mission is to increase socio-economic and social development by improving the quality of human capital, with emphasis on financial literacy and the inclusion of young people. He plans to use the knowledge and network gained during his Fellowship to build upon his current work in Skopje and make a greater impact in his chosen field.

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